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The process of Tempered glass is to heat the original glass to the temperature of about 700 ℃ , and then cool it down rapidly to form the surface compressive on the glass. The Tempered glass can be divided as fully tempered glass and heat strengthened glass (also called partially tempered glass).

Performnce and characteristics:
Tempered glass has roughly there to four times as much resistance to anti-shaking as same thickness of ordinary glass. When the glass breaks caused by external the force of the glass shatters instantly and free of sharp pieces. So as lessen or avoid the injury to human body. Tempered glass can stands the rapid temperature difference (For example: 5mm thickness Tempered glass can stand 200 ℃ temperature difference.)

Heatrengthed glass features:
Hs glass has roughly twice or three times as much resistance to anti-shocking as same thickness ordinary glass. When the glass breaks caused by external force. The cracks extend from the shooting point to the edge and form the shooting point to the edge and form the radiating shape and most of the broken glass pieces remain in the frame, so as to lessen and avoid the injury to human body. The surface quality is better than Tempered glass.

Application of the product:
Windows and other partials of buildings. Glass partitions and elevator partitions. Windows of automation and ships. Glass tables and showing cases. Interior decoration and glass furniture.

The product characterustic of ADMETUS tempered glass:
1、It is more flat in the level and smooth degree: The biggest characteristic that tempered stove of Finland TAMGLASS is best on the glass level and smooth degree. ADMETUS tempered glass production line imported from Finland TAMGLASS, ADMETUS Tempered glass can satisfy the needs by the level and smooth degree to the stylization such as the building Coated glass and the double layer, mould, And furniture and high layer etc.
2、It is best on temper surface quality: ADMETUS chooses high quality float glass of home and abroad, Using international advanced glass to process equipment ADMETUS temper technology technical standard and control.

Specification of the product:
Max size : 5400mm 2400mm
Min size: 350mm 100mm
Thickness: 4mm-19mm
Standards of product: GB/T9963-1998

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